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November 18 2007
The speaker will be Larry Shultz.

We will be having pizza and drinks. Please bring drinks. I shall provide the pizza. Meeting will start at 2pm but please come earlier than the usual 2pm time so you can part take in the pizza. There's strictly NO FOOD AND DRINKS IN THE LAB.

This is the last meeting of 2007. There's no meeting in December due to the holidays. At this time I'd like to thank all the people that made the 2007 meetings possible.

The dynamic duo Dave Jerrard and Jennifer Hachigian-Jerrard. You guys always come through.

Larry Shultz. Never fails to impress us with his vast knowledge.

Josh Bodinet & Terje Norderhaug...Thanks for the wonderful presentation on auticular imaging.

Simon Coombs for the plug in presentation.

Zareh Gorjian for coordinating the Plug in Pot Luck

Dustin Adair, a great and funny presenter.

Gene Turnbow for hosting the web site and Stephen Burns for updating it.

Camilla Shultz for the yummy treats.

Rex Olson from NewTek.

Jerimiah Morey.

Saving the best for last. Eric Huelsman for giving us a home at Studio Arts all these years.

To all the members who come to the meetings month after month. Thank you for your continued support, I hope I haven't forgotten anyone else but please remind me if I have.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and we'll meet again in 2008.

October 21 2007
The year is winding down. We have two more meetings left for 2007. Our next LightWave User's Group meeting will be October 21st.

Larry Shultz will cover Motion Capture, importing data and applying it to rigs.

September 23 2007
Larry Shultz will be covering IK Boost. Larry will de-mystify this misunderstood tool.

August 25 2007
For our next meeting we'll have Dave Jerrard do a presentation on the show Dogfights. Dave will show some footage from the show (scenes that have already aired) and cover techniques such as simple setup, noisy channel, texture channel, motion blur, particle and fire effects.

Check out Dave Jerrard's handy work by watching Dogfights which airs on the History Channel Friday nights. Check your local listings, or the Dogfight's website.

June 24 2007
For this meeting we will have Dustin Adair screen his animated short We Were Centurions, and talk about its creation.

We will also have Larry Shultz talking about the project he is currently working on called Afterworld and will show us some stuff on Hypervoxels.

May 20 2007
We'll have Jennifer Hachigian give us another overview of third party plug ins. You may remember she covered plug ins by Pictrix last time. This time she'll touch upon D-Storm plug ins.

Dave Jerrard will cover how to convert textures that have been layered, into nodes. We'll also have some quick tips on how to do roof tiles and shingles for any of you guys interested in architectural modeling.

April 29 2007
For our next meeting meeting we will have our Vice-President Dustin Adair do a presentation of Motion Mixer.

Dustin is an Emmy nominated VFX artist for his cylon work on Battlestar Galactica. Some of you have seen samples of his current project, a video game called Bad Bad Bots.

March 18 2007
For our next meeting we will be covering Hypervoxels with Larry Shultz. Larry not only will cover Hypervoxel techniques but how he is using Hypervoxels on his current project.

February 18 2007
Happy Valentines Day to you all.

For our meeting Sunday, we will have Jen Hachigian cover Pictrix modeler plug ins. Jennifer has been able to utilize these plug ins to create complex geometry and will show us all the unique possibilities.

In addition, we are giving away a copy of Speed Edit and Desktop Images videos. Thanks to Rex Olson.

January 28 2007
For our first meeting of the year, we will have Dave Jerrard demonstrate how to model, rig and surface a giant spider.

Plug in Pot Luck: We are continuing our plug in pot luck. This is where you bring plug ins you may have collected over the time. These plug ins will get collected and burned onto a CD which will be given at the next meeting, so bring plug ins and you will be rewarded with plug ins.

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