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October 23 2011
Hi Folks,

We've finalized details for this Sunday's meeting. Our guest speaker will be Rob Powers from NewTek. I won't mention the details of this meeting because I want to let Rob tell you all the cool and exciting information you'll be getting. Also, several members of the LightWave Development Team will be in attendance.

We do ask that no recording devices be used at this particular meeting. We won't be recording it for the Group's website either.

The meeting starts at 2pm at Intervideo. It's Free of charge. Snacks and drinks provided. We hope to see you there.

August 28 2011
Hi Folks,

It's been a while since we've had a meeting. In June Ken Nign and
myself were busy with a production that is now in Post Production.
July just had too many conflicting dates, July 4th, Carmageddon Day
(remember that one?) and Comic Con. But we are back for the August

For this meeting we'll have Dave Jerrard, who will cover new light plug ins and new nodes.

May 15 2011
Hi Folks

We will be having a meeting this Sunday, May 15th. Dave Jerrard will share some UV mapping tips and tricks and other surprises.

Meeting is at 2pm at Inter Video. Free of charge. Food and drinks provided. We hope to see you there..

Jessica Vitale
Los Angeles LightWave Users Group

April 17 2011
For this month's meeting we will have Jennifer Hachigian do a demo on mud using ClothFX + Bump Displacement. Followed by Dave Jerrard demonstrating the Car Paint node.

Meeting will be at 2pm and we'll have snacks and drinks. We hope to see you there. Meeting Follow-up:

Here's the content that Jen created for the meeting: MudContent.zip and the video of the effect.

Here's the videos for this meeting: April 2011 - LALWUG Meeting

March 20 2011
Hi Folks,

"Return of the Free Plugins," several years ago Larry Shultz demoed the free plugins that he used most often. This time we'll have Ken Nign, maintainer of the LightWave Plugin Database, presenting even more free plugins.

In addition to simply showing the plugins, Ken will also explain how to use them. Especially those Japanese plugins that are hard to find, and even harder to figure out how to use.

Because of time constraints at the January meeting, Ken will finally touch upon the update to UberCam.

Meeting Followup:

The videos for this meeting can be found in this playlist: March 2011 - LALWUG

Here's the links to the plugins that Ken demoed, along with the link to each plugin's video:
Px_Bezier - Watch
UV_Creeper - Watch
MRSonBGP - Watch
BandSaw Ex - Watch
Select Polygon By Surface - Watch
cm_Loft - Watch
Align to Point - Watch
Select By Normal - Watch
Pfx To... - Watch
Obj to Pfx - Watch
Weight Outward - Watch
Random Weight Per Connected - Watch
QV 4 - Watch
Weight Clone - Watch
Weight Extend - Watch
Dome Maker - Watch
Spline Lathe - Watch
OverScan UberCam - Watch
Info Saver - Watch
Stereo UberCam - Watch
Create Stereo Rig - Watch
Dual UberCam - Watch

February 27 2011
Hi Folks,

Yes we are meeting late in the month again. I realized the weekend of the 20th is a three day weekend and some of you may take advantage of the holiday so we are having the meeting on the 27th.

For this meeting we are happy to have Chris Manabe, who will do an in-depth demo of IK Boost. Some of you may have been at the meeting where Larry Shultz and Chris discussed their use of IK Boost while working on the show "Untamed & Uncut." While quadrupeds were mainly discussed at that particular meeting, this month's meeting will cover human character rigging. Which is something that will be of interest to a lot of you.

In particular, Chris will discuss:

Lightwave10 IKBooster for Human Extreme Pose Animation and Deformation

1. "Native American Warrior" - A work in progress of Chris Manabe’s latest personal project highlighting what can currently be accomplished in human character animation with Lightwave 10 and IKBooster.

2. Basic IKBooster - A few examples of some simple yet cool and powerful things that can be accomplished using the IKBooter tool.

3. Advanced IKBooster - An in-depth analysis of “Native American Warrior” and utilization of Lightwave 10 IKBooster. Demonstration of some of the advanced features in IKBooster and at least a discussion of the other advanced features in IKBooster (all features may not be covered due to time constraints).

Meeting Follow-up:

Here's the video for this meeting, February 2011 - LALWUG Meeting

January 30 2011
Hi Folks,

We have an exciting guest for our first meeting of 2011. We have none other than Rob Powers to demonstrate LightWave 10 for us. We are very excited to have with us Newtek's Vice President of 3D Development as well as an accomplished filmmaker with an impressive resume. So come on down and see what's new in LightWave 10.

Meeting Followup:

Here's the video for this meeting, January 2011 - LALWUG Meeting

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