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April 19 2009
Animal Armageddon:
For our next meeting, we will screen an episode of Animal Planet's Animal Armageddon. A show about pre-historic animals and what may have caused their extinction. This series is CG heavy and most of it done in LightWave. Following the screening we will have Dave Jerrard and Jennifer Hachigian-Jerrard show some of the techniques they have worked on for this particular show.
Below is the list of sites that Dave created.

February 22 2009
For our next meeting we'll be having Zareh Gojian demoing a tree generator called Dryad. It was developed at Stanford and it's free. Zareh will go through how to use the library of trees they have, plus making your own unique trees, and how to import them into LightWave and properly surface them.

We will also be demoing another tree generator plugin.

The meeting will be on February 22nd at 2pm. Post Meeting Followup

Here are the object and scene files created during the meeting. Feb2009Content.zip

This page has the working link to Dryad and instructions for getting it to work until the Stanford server comes back up. The other tree generator was Germinator. The random cloning tool Zareh used was Random Allocator, but be sure if you use it in 9.6 that you have Auto Key enabled so that the clones stay in place. Finally, Ken Nign's Jovian color picker has been released. JovianColorPicker.com

January 17 2009
New Year..New Date and Time
Hi Folks,
Happy New Year 2009..Hope you all had a good year..For our first meeting of the year we are having Ken Nign demo how to create flowers using several of his plug ins. Dome Maker, and Weight Clone. Plus he will also be demonstrating the features of a new color picker plugin he has been working on called Jovian.
We have a new meeting date and time. Sorry for the change but the Studio is booked with classes and we take what we can get. The new meeting date and time will be Saturday January 17 at 4:00pm...We have more give aways, plus food and drinks. $8 at the door. I hope to see you there...
Post Meeting Followup

Here are the links to the plugins used during the meeting. Dome Maker, Weight Clone, Weight Outward, Weight Extend, Random Weight Per Connected, Spline Lathe, Ultimate Clone. The three polygon thickening plugins mentioned were, Thickener, Thicken and HD PumpIt. The screen zooming utility used was ZoomIt.

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