Los Angeles LightWave Users Group

November 18 2012
Hello Folks,

The next users' group meeting will be on Sunday, November 18th. This will be the last meeting of the year, which means...Pizza!

Besides the pizza. This month, we'll also have Ken Nign demonstrating how he made a woman start to turn into a cockroach, from start to finish. With a focus on the work-flow he used to render the different elements, saving them all via exrTrader, and then compositing the elements into the footage.

For the compositing stage, Ken will be using Blender. But fear not, this meeting won't require any Blender knowledge. With just two clicks, Ken will show how to quickly access Blender's node-based compositor.

Ken will also show a new LW plugin he's put together called "Jumpa," which allows for quick frame skipping and acts as an alternative for the Go to Frame tool in Layout.

Anyone interested in seeing a compositing based workflow in action should definitely attend. Anyone curious about how a free software tool can be used to compliment LightWave should attend. Did I mention pizza?

Being that this is the last meeting of the year, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who presented at, or helped the users' group this year. They include, Rob Powers, Matt Gorner, Kelly Dove and everyone at NewTek. Jaime Finch for making the drive down. Dave Jerrard and Jennifer Hachigian for always being there for us. Dustin Adair, Ernest Chan, Cody Burke and Ken Nign. And of course, many thanks to Wayne Huffman, who has given us a home (and donuts) for over two years now.

Thanks also go to everyone who has attended the meetings and for making 2012 a great year. We hope to see you at the next meeting and all those in the new year.

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays and see you Sunday,

Jessica Vitale
Los Angeles LightWave Users' Group

October 28 2012
Hello Folks

For this meeting, we have a special presentation from none other than Rob Powers President of the LightWave 3D Group and Cody Burke from the LightWave Developement team. They will share with us some insights on LightWave 11.5. This meeting will not be recorded for later viewing so you MUST be there to find out what's in store for LightWave 11.5 and ask any questions you may have. You won't want to miss this meeting.

Meeting starts at 2pm. There will be snacks, drinks, and Halloween Candy.

We hope to see you there.

Jessica Vitale
Los Angeles Light Wave Users Group

September 16 2012
Hello Folks,

For our September meeting we're very pleased to have Ernest Chan from Nickelodeon Studios do a presentation on the frameD plugin, developed by Michael Wolf. Ernest was a beta tester for this plug in and helped influence its development. He will also talk a little bit about Nickelodeon's work flow.

For those of you who purchased tickets for Iron Sky, thank you very much. The theater is now booked and it's scheduled for presentation Thursday September 27. If you haven't purchased tickets there are still seats left:

Also, I would like to draw your attention to the online episodic series, Drone! The VFX were created in LightWave. Watch the first two episodes here.

So, our Meeting is on Sunday, September 16 and starts at 2pm. There will be snacks, donuts, and drinks. We hope to see you there.

Jessica Vitale
Los Angeles LightWave Users Group

August 11 2012
Update #2:

Hello Folks

Here's our agenda so far for the LA LightWave User Group Meeting: Special Siggraph Edition

When: Saturday, August 11th 2:00pm

Where: Intervideo...2211 North Hollywood Way, Burbank CA 91505

For this special meeting of the Los Angeles LightWave User Group (Special Siggraph Edition), we will have Dustin Adair. Dustin worked at Digital Domain and Zoic before turning to writing game apps for the iPhone and Android. He will talk about his highly successful game "Save the Titanic" which was all modeled in LightWave, plus how he will be using LightWave for his future games. If you are interested in writing game apps (or creating assets for them), this is for you.

Next, the newly formed LightWave 3D Group will talk about the future of LightWave. You may have heard about the formation of the LightWave 3D Group and the changes with LightWave, including the fact that the Group will be based locally in Burbank California. If you won't get a chance to attend Siggraph, this is your chance to see what's new, meet the team and ask questions.

We're sorry to report that Michael Wolf from db&w plug ins won't be presenting. There's was a scheduling conflict, but we'll try to have them at another time.

We may have more presenters.

We need RSVPs to get an idea of how may people are coming and how much food to order. An RSVP is not required nor does it guarantee a seat.
But please RSVP at jessica@lalightwave.com

We hope to see you there.

Jessica Vitale
Los Angeles LightWave User Group

April 8 2012
Hi Folks

We are having a user group meeting on Sunday April 8th, and for this meeting we will have Dave Jerrard demonstrate infiniMap and if there's time Jennifer Hachigian Jerrard will demonstrate exrTrader.

We are fully aware that this Sunday is Easter Sunday, but if you don't celebrate Easter (or don't have to take kids to an Easter egg hunt) please join us. I will also share some news later on for those of you who either do space scenes or have space related assets.

I hope you can join us. Meeting starts at 2pm as always. If you cannot join us then have a Happy Easter.

Meeting follow-up:

The video of this meeting is online: YouTube Playlist

February 26 2012

This Sunday the 26th, we will have Jennifer Hachigian demoing three aspects of LightWave 11. They are: Unified Sampling, Flocking and Instancing.

Post meeting Follow-up:

Jennifer has provided the content she used during the meeting. It's available here: LALW_12-02-26.zip

The trial version of LightWave 11 can be found on the LightWave site.

The video for this meeting will be available sometime this week. Keep an eye on our YouTube Channel.

January 29 2012
Here's the agenda for this Sunday's meeting.

Ken Nign will demonstrate the ins and out of how to animate a
Jellyfish using ClothFX. Meeting Follow up:

Ken has uploaded the model and scene file for the "Jelly Fish" that he used in Europa and during the meeting. It can be downloaded Here.

During the presentation Ken also showed the Fertilizer plugin. Unfortunately Fertilizer has no 64 bit version so the work-around would be to use the 32 bit version of LightWave, get the growth setup and timed the way you want. Then save the Fertilizer deformations to an MDD file. Back in the 64 bit LW you can playback the MDD file.

And remember when using Fertilizer. If the object is SubPatched, set the SubPatch Order to Last for Fertilizer to work correctly.

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